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Body Lift Minneapolis

What is body lift surgery?

This procedure involves the removal of excess or sagging fat and skin. The end result is an improved shape that gives the patient a more youthful, fit and toned appearance.

Who should consider a body lift?

A variety of factors contribute to people suffering from excess skin or loose fat. Fluctuations in weight, natural aging, pregnancy or sun damage all play a role. No matter how hard some try to tone and tighten certain body parts, it’s not always possible to restore the body to the youthful physical shape we desire.

What body parts can benefit from this procedure?

Common areas include the abdomen, groin, thigh and buttocks. Keep in mind, body lifts are not solely intended to remove fat only. We sometimes combined with liposuction to help individuals achieve their goals.

Who can benefit from body lift surgery?

Anyone who would like to see excess skin or fat removed, or who suffers from poor tissue elasticity. The benefits of body lift surgery are twofold. By removing the excess skin (and weight of this skin) you will weigh less; it won’t drag your body down, and will improve your physical energy. With tighter, more firm areas, you are going to feel revived and rejuvenated. This could help you get back into your regular exercise routine to help you maintain a new look and feel. The benefits are many and you will be happier and healthier, now and in the future, with a body lift procedure.

What type of results can I expect?

Most results are immediate. However, it may take up to one or two years to see the complete and full benefits of the procedure. This procedure is relatively simple – some go home the same day, others may stay overnight for observation. It’s also safe and affordable.

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