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Eyelid Surgery Minneapolis

This surgery, also known as Eyelid Surgery, helps improve the appearance of both the lower and upper eyelids while rejuvenating areas surrounding your eyes to retain a fresh, youthful look we all desire.

What type of issues does it address?

Do you have bags under your eyes, excess skin or wrinkles, droopy/puffy eyelids, having trouble seeing? Whatever your reason, Dr. Lokeh will provide you guidance and a solution.

What type of results may I achieve?

Results from cosmetic eyelid surgery may take time to display their final result. Within a few weeks you will experience significant improvement. Yet the optimal result may take six months up to a year. It’s important you understand how to take care of your eyes to maximize the benefits of your eyelid surgery. Aftercare is very important in achieving the long-term results you desire.

Eyelid surgery and your Eyesight

In addition to aesthetic improvement, eyelid surgery can actually improve an individual’s vision. Removing the excess skin will help you restore peripheral vision – often blocked by sagging, droopy eyelids. It can be a renewal of your vision with actual health and aesthetic benefits. Given this, Blepharoplasty is often covered by insurance providers. Ensure you check with your insurance company for coverage before this or any cosmetic surgery procedure. You may be required to take a few eye tests, and Dr. Lokeh will be happy to assist with this.

Wouldn’t it be great to not only look better, while improving your vision? That’s why eyelid surgery is considered a win-win procedure!

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