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Thigh Lift Minneapolis

A thigh lift helps reshape thighs by reducing excess skin or fat providing a well-proportioned thigh area. In some cases this procedure is also performed with other body lifts or liposuction to achieve maximum results.

Who should consider a Thigh Lift?

Have you tried exercise and diet? Have you been working hard to tone, shape and strengthen your thighs without results? Then this procedure may be right for you.

How is a thigh lift performed?

The most common technique involves your surgeon making an incision in the groin, and going down to the back of the thigh. The surgeon then reshapes, tightens or removes the fatty tissue, while redraping the skin to contour your body. Another option includes a medial thigh lift and the incision is made near the groin area only. Dr. Lokeh will discuss all options to help you make the best decision for you!

Health benefits

While most patients who undergo a thigh lift are doing so for cosmetic reasons – who doesn’t want better looking thighs – there are also health benefits that are often overlooked when this type of procedure is considered. One thing this procedure will also do is reduce your total body fat. Removal of this excess skin can also help those who may have previously experience pain or discomfort during jogging or bicycling. No procedure can replace the need to remain active and exercise, but with a Body Lift, you will improve your appearance, while providing a healthier and happier outlook in your life.

What type of results may I expect?

Results will be seen immediately but complete results make take a period of several months to a year, possibly two, in reaching its potential. There could be some minor scarring, yet the results are long-lasting. Aging naturally results in less firm skin, but this procedure will tighten and give you the shapely results you desire.

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