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Post Bariatric Surgery Minneapolis

Having been a gastric bypass and subsequent post bariatric skin removal patient, I appreciate all that a patient is faced with in having both procedures.

The sentiment of “I looked better before weight loss surgery” is very common for me to hear in my clinic and I totally understand. People are not used to seeing the after effects of one to three hundred pound weight losses on the body. Many people will not allow their spouse to see them undressed. I understand the embarrassment and feelings surrounding the excess skin and help these patients obtain coverage through their insurance.

I am also sensitive to patients who have been to other surgeons and are told to “lose more weight” even though their weight has plateaued for some time. Whether patients anticipate losing more weight or not, many are happy with their weight and are simply ready to move forward with plastic surgery. I understand and accept this without judgment.

I’m acutely aware of all of the medical issues that weight loss patients present with when requesting post bariatric plastic surgery. Often vitamin deficiencies, anemia and protein deficiencies are common and depend on the type of weight loss surgery.

I have studied and trained with thought leaders in post-bariatric plastic surgery. Performing abdominoplasty on a bariatric patient has its own considerations and complexities. While similar to non-weight loss abdominoplasties, it truly is its own procedure. Having been involved in both bariatric and post bariatric plastic surgery during my training, and then focusing much of my practice in the specialty, this provides me with over a decade of experience. I have participated in the ASPS Task Force for Post Bariatric Surgery and was the first trainee to ever serve on this committee. As a member of the Bariatric Plastic Surgery, I frequently present to weight loss support groups throughout the state.

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