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Skin Cancer Treatment and Reconstruction Minneapolis

With one in five adults developing skin cancer in their lifetime, ninety percent is directly caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or artificial lights (tanning beds). It affects everyone, even those who use sun block and practice preventive sunscreen measures. Those with fair skin or a genetic predisposition are at a greater risk.

What is reconstructive skin surgery?

Skin Cancer itself is treated by removing the cancerous cells from the body and the procedure may damage the skin in the area affected during removal. Reconstructive surgery will restore the affected area once the cells have been removed.

Why this procedure?

This procedure helps repair damaged tissue and restore the skin’s form and function after treatment is complete, including radiation or chemotherapy.

Who should consider reconstructive surgery?

Studies show that skins cancer reconstructive surgery is the number one reconstructive procedure performed on men and the sixth most popular for woman. Over one million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year while one in five adults will be diagnosed at some point in their lives.

Where is skin cancer reconstructive surgery most effective?

It really is an effective procedure for any area of the body affected.

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