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Achieving Natural Beauty with a Recognized Plastic Surgeon

The title reflects one of the numerous missions of Adam Lokeh, MD, of Twin Cities Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dr. Lokeh views his role as being as much about listening to his patients, with personalized care at every level, as it is about artfully and scientifically creating an enhancement for beauty.

While there is no such thing as a fountain of youth or perfection, many people have found great benefits from treatments offered by leading edge physicians in preventing or improving the signs of aging and imperfections. For Dr. Lokeh, the goal of cosmetic treatments is to bring a patient’s self-image and body- image into better balance; and by doing so, not only improve one’s face or body, but also achieve something deeper—an elusive quality of enhanced self-esteem and a positive self-image.

Dr. Lokeh exceeds expectations in these areas, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive treatments for the face, breast and body, as well as less invasive procedures for anti-aging. “We have the intention to help every patient get to know us personally while developing a genuine relationship with them, and creating highly individualized plans of care. We believe it is paramount for patients to have trust in their surgeon. We are here to be a consultative resource for our patients. The objective, at our state of the art practice, is achieving optimal results the patients are comfortable with.”

Dr. Lokeh has spent many years performing traumatic reconstructive surgery while refining his aesthetic skills to deliver excellence in all he does at Twin Cities Plastic Surgery. Today, the practice specializes in plastic surgery for the face, breast and body, with a special emphasis on weight loss body contouring and Mommy Makeovers. Treatment with Dr. Lokeh is provided in a serene, relaxing environment where this boutique practice offers ultimate privacy and confidentiality. Our welcoming team enhances the patient experience with many clients traveling extensively to receive the services of Dr. Lokeh.

You deserve the finesse of a specialist who is familiar with your own body, as well as the trends that will enhance your appearance to achieve your individual goals. There is no “one size fits all” and it is critical to work with a specialist who understands and respects your unique assets to create a better “you”. Consultations with Dr. Lokeh are the first step to an eye-opening experience. Dr. Lokeh offers an outcome based approach, founded upon your goals for enhancement. Patients are well informed to establish reasonable expectations and to benefit from the most natural looking results possible. Dr. Lokeh is uniquely poised to be your best ally for your aesthetic and plastic surgery desires.

When queried about his top tips for anti-aging, Dr. Lokeh shared some wise words. As he explained, “To prevent premature aging, avoid excessive sun exposure. This means take advantage of shade and use sun block every day. Don’t smoke as well! And remember the quality of your skin may be controlled by following these practices, as well as hydrating, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Medical grade skincare is very beneficial to assist with anti-aging. There are non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments that can postpone or treat the appearance of aging, such as Thermi technology.”

Dr. Lokeh recently adopted the new Thermi Technology. As he explained…

I see many patients with excess, loose skin with surgery being the only option until recently. Today, non-surgical Thermi offers incredible results for the face and neck. The best part is that the technology is based on supportive, scientific evidence. Thermi offers an obvious and dramatic solution. In fact, Thermi offers a more permanent solution when compared to Botox.

The Thermi radio frequency device allows for the temperature to be measured directly and automatically.

Power can be adjusted to maintain heat, which is not available in any other technology. There is an infrared camera, capable of viewing all areas of skin temperature at the same time for maximum heating with a wide range of safety features. Indeed, Dr. Lokeh couples his refined expertise with the right technological investments to be on the leading edge from consultations to treatment options. It is the goal of the practice to instill confidence and garner trust through integrity and honesty, by offering individualized, full spectrum procedures with proven scientific approaches and the benefits of a well-designed regimen.

Don’t wait to investigate! People may have the misconception that aesthetic procedures are unaffordable and only people with disposable income can have them. You may think that a procedure will alter you permanently, but such is not the case. A subtle, natural, complementary appearance is always the mission in aesthetics. In essence, aesthetics can be just one tool in our armory to look and feel our best.
All of which may be accomplished by achieving a natural result with the help of Dr. Lokeh.

The practice has received high marks for serving patients of all ages, ethnicities and types with an optimal approach to cosmetic treatments.

We welcome you to call and schedule a consultation when the time is right for you. Dr. Lokeh and his welcoming team are always happy to listen to and understand your concerns, while helping you envision a positive outcome.
For more information, visit or phone 612.360.7700.

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